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In 2009, the government raised its federal tax credit for energy efficiency improvements. Alongside these benefits, each state offers tax credits and rebates to encourage  investments in renewable energy for homes, businesses and farms.

Don’t Miss Out

Depending on your state, approximately 2/3 of your solar system cost could be covered by both state incentives and federal tax credits. Here’s just a sample of how much you could save on your solar system.



  • No property or state sales taxes
  • $0.40 per watt for the first 5,000 watts*
  • Variable SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) cash payments*
  • 30% federal tax credit

 New York

  • No property or state sales taxes
  • $0.80/watt rebate up to the first 25,000 watts; commercial has a higher wattage allowance*
  • 25% state tax credit
  • 30% federal tax credit


  • No property or state sales taxes
  • $0.25/watt rebate up to $2,500*
  • 30% federal tax credit
  • $.06 per kWh bonus credit for solar power produced

*Incentives subject to change depending on state programs.

Note that commercial and not-for-profit incentives vary; contact us for the latest benefits.

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