Farmer, Central Hudson spar over solar benefit

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MILTON – Two years ago, William Werba, a 74-year-old Ulster County apple farmer, decided he wanted to purchase solar panels. Werba wanted to provide power for his farm on Old Indian Road in the Town of Marlborough, and his home, which overlooks the farm [&hellip… Read More

New York weighs rules that may limit rooftop solar panels

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When Larry and Sandra Cohn noticed their electric bill was increasing, they decided it was time to invest in solar panels. The Town of Poughkeepsie couple contacted NRG Home Solar, a California-based company that serves New York and several other states. But, there was [&hellip… Read More

Solar: Buy, lease — or forget the whole thing?

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Bob Berman — Woodstock Times — December 31, 2015   It was hard to imagine a few short years ago. Here in upstate New York, where it’s cloudy half the time, solar panels are taking off. Even though Congress just [&hellip… Read More

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