Backup Systems

Just because you get your energy from the sun doesn’t mean you’ll only have power during daylight hours. Thanks to Hudson Solar’s advanced backup battery systems, you can power your home during emergencies.

Tough, Small and Strong

Hudson Solar only uses small, powerful, wall-mounted units that feature a full 5-year warranty, and the lack of a generator means the backup system operates nearly silently.

Be Safe in Emergencies

In the case of natural disaster, your battery system will automatically provide your home with power. A fully charged battery can power basic home needs for a few days, and a solar-powered home can recharge the battery from the sun.

“ I am delighted to tell you that this week when hurricane Sandy caused the skies to be dark and my connection to Central Hudson to be cut off, the battery system worked perfectly. The system went on automatically with no lapse of power. …it had gone off automatically when Central Hudson came back on line and the batteries were already recharged.” – Grateful in Wappinger Falls, NY

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